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Mark Roseberry, ICAS- Director of Education

Qannik Okakok, Ilisaqtitchiri
Iñupiaq Teacher Staff photo

Marlene Okakok, Ilisaqtitchiri
Iñupiaq Teacher

Greetings to one and all, Palagivisi I’m Marlene Okakok. Uvaŋa Qannik. Qargi Ińupiat iļisaurii.  I am so thankful to be working here as a Qargi Ińupiat iļisaurii. We welcome any students that are willing to get their diploma and their schooling done. We are here to help in any way we can and get their education done. Quyanakpak Qannik

Tommilynn Ahmaogak, Ilisaqtitchiri Iñupiaq Teacher

Tommilynn Ahmaogak, Ilisaqtitchiri
Iñupiaq Teacher

Paġlagivsi uvaŋa Kusiq
ilisaqtitchiri Qargi Academy-mi
Igniga Qiugaq
Greetings My name is Tommi Lynn Ahmaogak. My Iñupiaq name is Kusiq
I was raised and lived in Wainwright all my life. I’m a Teacher at Qargi Academy
I have 1 son his name is Kaden Benny. I enjoy teaching our students the knowledge that was passed on to me from my grandparents. My hobbies are sewing, subsistence hunting, spring whaling, and spending time with my family.

Piquuraq Aguvluk, Evening Virtual Ilisaqtitchiri
Iñupiaq Teacher

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