Cultural Education

Revitalizing the Iñupiaq Language and Fostering Iñupiaq Culture to Ensure the Legacy of Our People

Inspired by the work of Eben Hopson and his Address on Education and Dr. Edna MacLean’s Revitalization of the Qargi, one of the main goals of the Qargi is to pass on the Iñupiat skills and values to our youth. The Qargi does this by allowing elder, culture bearers to transfer community wisdom to students. These Ilisaqtitchiriit are available to students in-person to share traditional knowledge and mentor students in their cultural and academic growth.

Ilisaqtitchiriit are local individuals who are passionate about serving youth and use the Iñupiaq values, culture, history, language, and worldview as a foundation upon which to provide instructional support. Their knowledge and understanding Iñupiat ways of mentoring along with their focus on students’ academic and life skills enable them to connect with students on a deeper level and foster the growth of the WHOLE child.

In addition to the day-to-day monitoring of student progress, they provide:

  • Support social/emotional development
  • Provide cultural immersion experiences in language and activities
  • Plan community excursions and activities
  • Work with virtual teachers to align academic subject matter with Qarġi activities

“Visitors to the Arctic have universally commented on the warm disposition of our children. Corporal punishment was absolutely unknown. Boys and girls began their education with their parents and, by the time they reached their teenage years, they had mastered the skills necessary to survive on the land here.”

– Eben Hopson, Address on Education

Tribal and Community Lead on Education

The Iñupiat Community of the Arctic Slope tribal lead and support on education. One of the Alaska Education Challenge’s five strategic outcomes encourages tribal and community ownership of excellence in education. Qargi Academy was created in response to the continuing call for system-wide reform for meaningful, systemic changes to K-12 education are necessary. Tribal involvement helps actualize the educational outcomes.

Now Enrolling

Our flexible, supportive high school program features highly qualified, state-certified online teachers and trained, local Ilisaqtitchiriit who focus on student growth and success and incorporate Inupiaq cultural education and traditions into the learning experience.